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IT Solutions on Free Software Technologies

Our Services

Web Development and Custom Software

SOLVO offers to design and develop software based on your specific needs and problems, according to the distinctive characteristics of your company or organization.
Our software will allow you to optimize the processes that consume more time and resources in your organization to take advantage of the web accessible systems .
Besides, we can adapt existing software so tightly coupled to the needs of your business.

Django CMS / Aldryn Cloud

SOLVO offers development of web sites using Django CMS as main platform. Also, provides the migration of your existing sites to Django CMS.
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Technical Assistance

If you already have software for your processes and operations but cannot get their full advantage and exploit its potential, we help you identify problems in the software of your company and propose optimal and successful solutions.


SOLVO can search and manage qualified costarican employees according to the needs of your company. SOLVO takes care of the payment management and makes sure they receive the job guaranties the costarican law requests for all the employees in our country.


Our mission is to create, share and apply technological-based knowledge to become an strategic partner of our clients to improve their process’s efficacy and efficiency.


  • Innovation
  • Effectiveness
  • Freedom
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability

Why we promote Free Software?

SOLVO believes in Freedom as an unassailable right, we also believe in the value of Collaboration as an efficient path to innovate. We collaborate with communities of developers of different programs we use, obtaining mutual benefits. These communities provide us with the basis for our development software and we provide them fixes and new features to their programs.
Also, the free software paradigm that respects the freedom of all users who purchased the product and allows it to be used, copied, studied, modified and redistributed freely in different ways, it is vital for our customers because saving licensing costs, can offer a company not dependent on our support, and allows our customers to take control of the software they buy.
We believe this joint development greatly enriches the free software movement towards preventing the monopolization of technology.

Our Technologies

Apache y Nginx
Postgresql y Mysql
GIT controlador de versiones
In SOLVO, we do free web programming in technologies known for their stability, wide application and continuous development.
So, for the start of production of the systems that we offer, we are specialized in Apache Web Server and Ngnix.
In databases, our developers are specialized in relational managers PostgreSQL and MySQL.
We use Git as a version controler, to ensure fast and safe development.
Django is our main engine for the development of different solutions because of its versatility, quality and efficiency.
We use Bootstrap for web development as one of the most widely used frameworks because of its style and simplicity in programming, as well as the standards of HTML5 and CSS3 for our commitment to provide our customers with innovative and functional applications with existing technologies.
Django web framework
Tecnologías de red html 5, css 3 y jquery
Boostrap css framework

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